Happiness, thy name is Fisher Paykel...

We finally got our new fridge! I am so happy! Want to see something happier?

Egg Cups!

Bought two of these at Ross. The boys both wanted pigs. After that I had to force my friend Carrie to tell me how she makes soft boiled eggs.

And then I had to listen to the boys ask me every 15 minutes for soft boiled eggs.

That face makes it worth it.

Always buy pretty dishes...

My dishrack is beautiful!

Cabinet Fever II:Revenge of the Thrift

I went to the thrift store, as I do every week, immersed in my search for the perfect kitchen cabinet to fit in the 30" opening above the dishwasher. I found a traditional oak cabinet, 24", not gorgeous, but certainly paintable and such. It was only $20 so I emailed John a pic and asked him if I should get it. He told me I should go to IKEA and get what I want. Instead of thrifting, as I had done for SIX MONTHS!!, I could just order whatever...

So I started that search. I used the IKEA software which already has my kitchen uploaded, and picked a few things. Then the truth comes out...

As I show John the many options, (it's me so it really is MANY), he finally tells me that he doesn't really want the cabinets I was looking at, he just hated the thrift cabinet so much, he decided to offer me the crazy option of "whatever" not realizing the cost to get me to leave the store and never look back.

Well, I showed him. I found these enameled metal cubes at The Container Store and his guilty conscience bought them for me.

Darth Bee


The cousins visited! Amanda and I took them all over LA looking like sister-wives. Notable things that happened?

1. A lady on the train gave us instructions as to how to use the train because we looked as though we'd never used one before. Even though I used to take it every day for work.

2. Roz from Monsters, Inc. asked if Max and Hartwell were twins. Then friends, then, "Whatever..."

3. A man asked if Amanda and I were twins. (All blondes look alike).

4. In Hollywood, I watched Elvis get a coffee for Spider-Man.

5. The only star on the Walk of Fame Max and Grace could find with a name they recognized was George Lopez.