Hotdogs and Wine!

I should be getting my computer back today. So, maybe I'll get to post more often. Until then, please enjoy this picture of baby Bee and his first foray into dipping sauces for corn dogs.  


Strawberry Tr-ay

That Aunt Ninny, always with the good christmas gifts. She also gave me these trays. Which are perfect little snack trays for play group. And for when your friend sets the bar too high for the book club snack, and you'll do anything to get up there with her. 

Sister's Are Asking the Universe For Themselves...

Our bathroom is tiny. Like super tiny. Like I have a book called Small Bathrooms and by small they mean 11' x 11'. And our bathroom is 5' x 8'. So. I guess they need a new book called,Ridiculously, Tiny Bathrooms.

But there is hope! This month's, (quarter's?) Do It Yourself magazine featured two bathroom remodels, with of the exact layout of my bathroom. Including the door that opens into your knees while you pee!

I will keep the photos close to my heart and on my vision board.

P.S. I know if I took off my door and had a wide angle lens my picture would match. But who's gonna take off a door?

edited to add: This is our only bathroom with the exception of a room in the basement that has a toilet in the corner. I call it the "newlywed toilet" because it's the one you use at the beginning of a relationship...

N-n-now th-that don't kill me, can only make me stronger...

I've been having trouble coming up with projects lately. I think part of it is lack of time to browse and drool over various websites. And part of it is because I am without my laptop. Seems my boys were playing and spilled milk on the keyboard. I took it in and they replaced the keyboard and it was only like $100. So that was pretty awesome. We thought she was a goner. I brought her home and set her back up, and downloaded a free drawing software a friend recommended. I started to teach myself how to use it and read some tutorials and stuff. Then I went to make dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs. Our house is set up so you cannot see the living room from the kitchen. After an eerily peaceful preparation, I took my bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and sat down on the couch to eat and read about Inkscape. I looked over and there were small puddles of water on my brand new keyboard. As well a glass tipped over on the floor.

I had my computer for 6 hours before it was drenched a second time. 

So I took it back. And this time? She needs a new motherboard. Now I had to decide whether to fix it or buy a new one. And that was a tough decision. I had to call in my panel of experts. Three phone calls, one hour of texting later, I decided, based on their advice, to keep the laptop and have it repaired. It's nice having my own tech department. 

Last night for dinner we had a frittata. Full of bacon, mushrooms, shallots, (grated. thanks, Cameron!), and leftover california vegetable blend. As I was plating my own dinner, in walks Hartwell with my cell phone. Which means they're in my purse. I walk into the living room to find my camera out with the lens not retracted. And it won't close. Lens error. 

It's like living with small, destructive aliens. 

I need to stop using The Secret for new things. Because, all that means is the universe breaks all my old stuff so I have to replace it. And it's starting to bug me.

Since I have no new photos to share, I thought I'd post my favorite Christmas gift ever. Thanks, Lynn*!

*I'd link to her website but she DOESN'T HAVE ONE!