Tryin' to make it go to rehab...

I found this little shelf at the thrift store. It looks like it received a lot of love. I imagine it was in a nursery and filled with tiny books and silver rattles. Time to grow up, shelf.

I really want a little coffee station in the kitchen. Something to house the grinder, press pot, and beans. And I thought this was perfect. And then I can hang some mugs from the knobs. Or maybe I'll discover another use for it later. I always need a shelf.

I'll probably paint it white and replace the knobs.
I saw some today at anthropologie that I liked.

Nap Shelf

Sunday afternoon Hartwell and I fell asleep on my bed. He has a tiny cold so I didn't mind him snuggling up to me and napping. When I woke up, John had installed and set dressed this shelf!

We really needed something to hold the salt and pepper and miscellaneous spices. Now I need to figure out what to put in them. Herbes de provence goes in one, John wants one for cayenne pepper and I don't know's on third.

Any ideas?

As usual or for the first time.

I don't know why I didn't change it before. But my first twitter name from a long time ago was duderanch. It worked because I am totally surrounded by dudes. And John and I went through a phase where we wanted to name our house. Like in soap operas. Whistling Pines or Hillside Manor. But less "rich" sounding. John started calling it "The Duderanch" and when I picked my twitter name, I just picked that. A few years later I came up with the musebootsi blog. And then it's a little harder to change.

Anycrap, I am now @musebootsi. Finally. I now need to get some followers. And unless I'm looking for hot guys in your area, it's gonna take some time.

Sorry about the mess.

My table is back. Oh how I've missed having the table in the kitchen. My living room was always a mess with Cheerios and Legos and Play-Doh shoved in every crevice. I vacuumed and swept twice a day and it was still a mess. But now at least half of that will be back in the kitchen. Which is both better and worse.

I'll also have a space to read or listen to music...alone. I love my tiny house, but when it's 5 o'clock and I need a break and one kid wants to watch "Star Wars:Weturn to da Jet-i" And the other wants to watch Beetlejuice, it's nice to have a place where I can go and not hear "Day-o" or what ever language Jabba the Hut speaks.

Bee is for cookies.

Bee's trying to tell his friend she has something on her face.

Magic Chef indeed.

We have a really old fridge. It's in the hall. Our house was built before everyone had a fridge. So it's in the hall utility closet. And it's a small fridge. But it needed some love. And less faux wood.
I sanded and primed and spray painted an antique green.

Much better.

You take the good, you take the bad

I'm having trouble picking something to replace the yellow in my Facts of Life kitchen. Here are some photo palettes I found at Sherwin Williams. Also? The walls are blue and coral with creamy white trim. The moulding isn't blue. It's just to get an idea about color. I needed to see the color in a different room with the other colors together. It's more like the way it is in my house.

Above: Parakeet

Relentless Olive.
Resort Tan. (John's Favorite).
Lime Rickey.
Easy Green.

I like parakeet. Maybe I need to step away for a bit. And have a lime rickey.

Big Yellow Hallway

Too Over Our Heads?

I guess that makes me Beverly Ann.

I wish George Clooney was my handyman.

Okay. I'll paint it green.


This is the latest picture of what's going on. I painted the ceiling and upper moulding mayonnaise white and finished painting the wall, chair rail and beadboard spa blue. I didn't paint the chair rail white because there's already so much going on, it just needed to disappear instead of pop out like a giant white stripe.

We still have to caulk the baseboard and apply the shoe moulding. Then...paint. Luckily I'm nearly a professional painter. We also have to put some trim in the corner to hide the gaps. And then...paint!

I need to buy some new clothes. I look like a Jackson Pollock most of the time. Just don't delve into my provenance.

Bee Heart Toast

What I make when there's no food in the house. They seemed to like it.

Big, black clock

Why Virgos are awesome.

Labor Day.

Still working.We're trying to get the kitchen out of my living room and back in the kitchen. Just a reminder of where we began up there.

And so far today...
My next step, after moving the dining table back in, is to sell a bunch of stuff so I can buy my IKEA cabinet. Today we're gonna finish up the moulding. More pictures tomorrow, hopefully!