It's oh so quiet...

Looks like someone had the funnest playgroup ever.

P.S. Yes. I totally cleaned that nasty dog door after this.

What have you done for me lately?

He built a recycled sidewalk!

America's Next Top Models

The photographer sets the shot:
The resulting shot:
Pure joy:
Dad's are the best. They let toddlers play with expensive equipment.

Cuckoo Garden

Ever since my husband cleaned out the garage and found random cans of paint, I have been painting everything. I painted my medicine cabinet, which started out small and became a two day project, and I painted every terra cotta pot in the vicinity. And a duck. And a broken spoon. And an old curtain rod.

 It's pretty amazing that Barkley is still brown and white.

Peanut Butter: Definition: Make the boy go loco

I am a very stubborn person. As such, I try not to give in to every whim of my children. And yet...cute faces, tired voices, sometimes...

Peanut Butter and Jelly with Chocolate Syrup:

At least he ate dinner...