Yes you are...

French knots + beaded blanket stitch + inspirational friend = (see above)

It's the size of a business card and I hope she likes it.

Designing Women

"he offered her the world she said she had her own"

I wish I could remember where I first read this quote. Probably pinterest. I just remember saving it and then searching for its author. Monique Duval. (Because you shouldn't have to google). And then pulling out a notepad to design my first embroidery pattern.
Obviously, it's been through some edits.
It was very scary to stitch. I had no photo of what looks good or what looks crazy. And no idea what colors to use. I just had to guess and then pull out the stitches I didn't like. Which happened a lot.
But I kept going. I wanted to finish. And it's so easy to say, "Well, I guess this isn't my thing," and put down my hoop and try something else. 
But, I think I've finally figured out that it would be better to fail spectacularly than to give up. Lucky for me, it wasn't a failure, this time. But I find myself curious to learn which of my next projects will be. And that makes choosing it all the more delightful.

Baby Stitches...

My friend is having another baby! When I met her, she already had a daughter, so I missed the first baby shower. Also, because it was probably in France. (Do the French have baby showers?)

While I was searching for my next embroidery project, I found this adorable farm set and thought it would be perfect for a baby. Like heirloom-ie.

Pattern and instructions by Charlotte Lyons.
For awhile I thought I was in over my head. But there's nothing like procrastination to keep you on schedule.
There's something endearing about hand stitched black lines that aren't perfect...
All the animals...
And here is the fun part...My friend is waiting to be surprised abut the gender of her baby. The pattern comes with instructions to make the kids boys or girls. Since she has a daughter, I made a little girl for the bigger kid and then stitched the smaller kid as a girl with the bottom half of the hair removable! She just needs a pair of scissors or a seam ripper and the bottom half comes out.
Here's the whole set. They don't really stand up on their own, but they do if you put a tube of lipstick or concealer behind them...