Interim Living Room

In a fit of pique with a touch of KonMari, I purged my sofa from my home. Threw it right into the street...well, the curb, know...

But that left me without living room seating. So I grabbed two of my outdoor Ikea chairs, with the black and white cushions, dug out the floofy white pillows and et voila!

Pizza Night!

Squash Blossom Pizza: Red sauce, squash blossoms, burrata

Pickling things

Pizza night has become an event at our house. John and I work all morning chopping and making ingredients for the pizzas. Last pizza night we made an elote pizza. Corn and goat cheese and soyrizo and sweet peppers and cilantro. It was delicious. But a little too creamy.

I was flipping through a Mexican cookbook and saw a recipe for pickled red onions and I knew that was what was missing! It needed acid with the creamy and a little more spice.