Halloween spooks outside my window...

Our annual Halloween/Fall Festival was last weekend. Bee got his face painted and I made some bags for the raffle.

But I didn't photograph them very nicely...what are you gonna do?

Here's what I have on my phone:
The box is the raffle ticket box. I thought it would be fun to make a matching box. I wish my photos were better...

patterns from sublime stitching

Creating something else.

I'm totally around. Just not creating...things...Not that I don't want to. It just takes money to buy supplies and time to make the thing and I am having trouble finding either. I am actually supposed to be making something right now, but I keep putting it off. And that's gonna be trouble. More than likely, I'll pull through and it will be spectacular.

So I swear I'll make something, paint something, do something soon. Until then, read some of these:

Working in LA at A-muse-ing

My adventures working and temping in LA when I was younger. And trying to find a job when I was unemployabler. Which is now.

How to Make Mediocre Art

Upon realizing I inadvertently created something with little to no practical purpose, I went in search of the reason...

1. Be inspired.
2. Have scathingly brilliant idea.
3. Work out how to successfully implement idea.

4. Have obsession with buying supplies.
5. Spend three days working on crazy idea.
6. Be excited about completing something, for once.

7. Post in various places online.

8. Wait for delighted response.

9. (cricket, cricket)

10.. Realize that you have somehow created something that is both perfectly high and low art...simultaneously. 

11. Realize also that you straddle high and low art, e.g. foie gras and easy cheese, Honey Boo Boo and BBC's Sherlock,  Cher and...Cher.

12. Start all over again.

1. Be inspired.