Windows are the eyes to my laziness...

My bedroom windows...they are a bit ratty. But sometimes I find them lovely. Other times I think, "I should check the kids for lead poisoning..."

But mostly they are ignored. I know I should be filling and painting them to match the rest of the house. But it's such an undertaking! It takes all day. One window takes all day.

So I thought I'd just photograph them. And the sheer little panels I made for privacy. I love the vintage green color they were originally painted.
I found this fabric next to the burlap. It's cotton.

Two "lag thread screw eye bolts" and a dowel rod.
I didn't even cut it neatly.
Someday, all the windows and trim will be primed and painted and neatly done. But right now I'm going to revel in the imperfections.

Which is something I should do for myself.