Forty-Nine Shades of Gray and One Yellow

My bathroom is finally (mostly) finished!! Just a few more touches. We need some kind of towel accoutrement and a bit more storage in the form of another little cabinet above the toilet...because we're weird and cut our own hair and therefore need the double mirror action to see the back of our heads...

That was too much information for you, I think.

Plants are on fire!

They say  there's no such thing as a green thumb, just take care of your plants. But I once killed a ponytail palm considered by some to be "the plant for idiots." I live in fairly bright house, when I don't have the curtains closed to save energy, and consider myself intelligent enough to water a plant...And yet...

Glossy Black Nightstand

Rorschach Walls or If These Walls Were Therapists

I once had a doctor, dead over one hundred years, tell me, through a channel, that I like to be surrounded by color because inside I am full of color. Well, thank you, doctor, I absolutely enjoy being surrounded by color and I will take your word for it about my insides. From that point on, I never made excuses about the brightly colored house I was painting, not even when the Sears deliveryman thought I was racist for "remembering" him until he saw my lime green hallway and replied, "Yes, I have been here before, I remember." Not when my friends think my husband is going to leave me because whatever project I show them is too colorful or too bold or too whatever they were implying. And certainly not when people try to talk me out of the brighter color and to consider something more neutral. No! Lime and chartreuse and shocking pink forever! See: my insides, bitches!

Obsessed: The random edition

I've been working on something for awhile now. And because it's about facing my fears and all that, I have sought to avoid it. And my mind has become obsessed with many completely different things. Out of avoidance.

Thirteen Tiny Bedroom Inspirations or Sleeping in the Beauty

My bedroom is very small. And due to the fact that I just tear down walls whenever I feel the slightest bit of ennui, it is currently without drywall in some spots. So I've been staring and then searching for inspiration and then staring some more. And here's the problem, my bedroom is small. Like, tiny. It measures around 11' x 11'. And according to most sources, could fit inside the closet of a "small bedroom." I'm having trouble finding examples, is what I'm saying. "Small" to someone living in the midwest, where their kitchen is the same size as my house, 784 sqft, is much bigger than my "small." In California, and certainly Los Angeles, a 2400 sqft house in my neighborhood would start at 1.2 million. And my neighborhood isn't that posh! People move to it because the "housing prices are so much lower!"

The Day of the Bed or Dia de los Duerme

Whilst perusing the images of painted floors on Pinterest, I became enamored with the iron beds I saw. And painted floor + iron bed made my  heart grow three sizes! Especially for my tiny bungalow house!

The above pic stunned me! Tiny room, giant bed; beautiful!

Then there's this one with the clapboard walls (and turquoise!):
What if the bed were painted? Love.
This one is a little bit Spanish and lovely:
Another giant bed in a tiny room...It looks amazing! I could do this!
Another austere example. It looks so clean! 
Sadly, I know my bedroom will never be white, but I can dream...
When all else fails, make your own...this one includes instructions to make your dream bed...
Since my bathroom is done and my kitchen is finished, I now get to focus on my bedroom. Which, according to my design instructor is the first room you should do...

It's easier to write checks and make decisions if you're sitting in your perfectly design bedroom...right?!

Pops of Color! or One Color to Rule Them All

I've been exploring the idea of not having every surface in my home covered in color. Which is new. Maybe it's also the trend? I don't know. But these mostly neutral rooms with a single splash of color are delightful!

The tricky part? Deciding on the color...

Because I love them all... 

Plywood Walls or White Plys (Vision Dreams of Passion)

I'm still searching for the perfect walls for my bedroom. I like the exposed lath and plaster situation, painted white, of course. But we only want to do that to the interior walls of the bedroom, which leaves the exterior walls. Now these walls are trouble. The house is over 80 years old, and has had its share of leaks. So those walls are kinda...skanky. Due to the expanding and contracting of the wet lath, the plaster is no longer connected to the lath. It kind of floats in front of it. And under the window, where my feet occasionally dangle off the bed and push into the cracked plaster, it has been removed.

So my options are drywall...myself...and spend an eternity mudding the walls and sanding until I get perfection. Or come up with something else.

Anything else.

What about plywood?

When done correctly, it looks nice. I'm not a huge fan of the yellow wood, so maybe I could whitewash it, keeping the grain...?

How does one find no knot plywood?
This is more like what I would end up with:
A little busy, but still natural. And there a cool built in shelf on the left!
Very simple, used as a headboard:
Oooh! Green stained!
I love this look with the mint bench! Industrial and yet vintage at the same time!
Mid century, anyone?
And danish modern:
And here's one of the only whitewashed plywood photos I could find:
I think it's the one, though! Wood grain and white and clean...exactly what I was hoping for in my tiny bedroom.

All images pinned to my Architectural Awesomeness Board on Pinterest.

12 Tiny Living Rooms or Positively Primeval Design

My living room is 20' x 10'. Long and narrow. And the entry just opens right into it. No mud room, no partition, just "Hello, welcome to my mess!" So whatever I decide to do in there needs to be immediately impressive. And also covered in plastic and screwed down due to capricious children.

And, as ushe, most inspirations are for, like, double living rooms with enormous pointy coffee tables and seven sofas. So here's some of what I found...

Shelves and rattan! Stripes and yellow!
This is sort of what my entry problem is. Except I have a bit more room...for all the legos and food wrappers that collect. (Seriously, what is up with the food wrappers everywhere? Is it just my kids? They open them, toss the wrapper in the air, and then eat the food. Do they think my rug composts mylar wrappers? PS that is a great idea...composting living room rugs for food wrappers and loose Cheerios. Patent pending.).
Modern and functional. Masculine and feminine. Love.
This room is right up my alley. Except for the antlers. I'm over the animal heads. They are so everywhere. And serve no purpose except to say, "Yeah, I read Better Homes and Gardens and wear a fedora, you?" At least they also have a cowhide rug. And a fur blanket on the sofa.
White and cottage-ie. I can't say no to that. Unfortunately, my husband can.
Ooooh...tiny sofa, Lack table, tiny makes it look like I can actually get work done! And the turquoise rug...delicious.
Simple, bright, sheepskin, giraffe.
This one cheats a little in that it's a vignette in a giant room with high ceilings...but neutral and orange always make me happy.
To make up for that, here is an actual tiny space. I love these. They remind me of my dream of having my own Marie Antoinette inspired house. For escaping all the manliness that surrounds me...sometimes, it's like living with three Gaston's...
More fur. What are we Vikings?! How cold is it, really? Aside from that, I love the dark gray and the ceilings. And the built-ins for the TV. I just realized that none of the other rooms have TVs. Maybe they are all Vikings. But, if I were a Viking, which I technically am, I think I might watch that TV show Vikings. Mostly to scoff at the stuff they get wrong. And from where could I watch it? The internets, I guess...
Annnnd finally, this pretty space. Pale blue and neutral with lucite so it doesn't look full of furniture. Again, no TV, so how is one supposed to "relax?" I guess I could just read books. About Vikings.

All photos are available on my Tiny Space Design board on Pinterest.

Pretty Colors! or Distraction Procrastination

I love pretty colors! And here are a few spaces that make me so happy! 

I'm also on the lookout for interesting hacks for my leather sofa. I discovered a small hole in a cushion and want to re-cover them in something until I can get my head around it, I'm just going to look at pretty colors!

Gray Bedrooms or Monochromatic Adjustable Beds

Gray bedrooms. I am obsessed. I love, love color so much, and yet I am drawn to these moody gray bedrooms.

With a touch of turquoise:
Mid century flair:
Simple and cottage-ie. But no candles. Those wouldn't last a minute vertically.
Mostly white:
Mostly Gustavian:
Black painted floors? Yes, please. Windows opening in? My soulmate...
Dark gray closet doors with mirrors...I think I combine them a tiny, tiny room...

All images from Pinterest. On my Bedroom Fabulousness board.