About Me!

I am a thirty something-ish  mom of two strapping boys. And whereas I would not normally consider that the greatest achievement of my life, (the feminist in me, who is me, won't let me), it is the greatest thing I have done lately. Bore and raised my fruit, that is.

Before that I was a world traveler at age 7, an award winning writer at 9, "Best Method Actress" at 17 and "a walking Mardi Gras," at 18. Next, I was a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre with a Minor in Art History, which is not nearly as exciting.

When I graduated, I went directly into a low paying (yeah, zero) career in children's theater and then a series of hilarious and pathetic temp jobs in LA. (You should ask me about them, they are hilarious). Egg seller, second assistant, adult novelty maker...

And because one useless degree wasn't good enough, I went to FIDM and got a degree in Interior Design. And since I never do anything by halves, I made sure I was five months pregnant when I graduated to better utilize my degree. You know how everyone loves to hire a pregnant lady.

So, there I sat, watching the food network and taking pictures of an adorable little guy all day. At night, I breastfed and worked on my poker game. Eventually, I started to feel like a toy poodle, sort of useless yet once bred to catch rich people's fleas. So I started an etsy site making pretty things and selling pretty vintage wares.

Now, I'm a self diagnosed INFJ who wants to help you with any and all design issues you have. Or find the perfect lamp for that spot. Or tell you what to get that sister-in-law who is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for. And end prepositions with.

I color my own hair, paint my own walls and nails, make my own art and would love to help you do the same. Just ask. For reals. It's free.

Here is a collection of what people, friends and clients, say about me*:

"Off the top of her head...knows the difference between the colors "Emerald City" and "Man Behind the Curtain," both in paint color and nail color."

"There are literally zero things you could talk about that she hasn't read something about or heard on a TV show."

"Can reference anything back to the movie 'Say Anything.' ~That one isn't exactly true...I just really wish it was."

-Natalie Gianelli

"If you ask her to bring a salad to a party, she will blow your mind."

"She's got a million ideas for you, but no pressure."

"Her kitchen is both beautiful and a 'safe place.'"

"She invented blogging. No, really."

-Autumn Cunningham

"Her bad ideas are better than most people's good ideas."

"Give that woman a can of paint and an ugly thing. Come back two hours later. Be amazed."

"Courtney is such a font of creativity that she can generously give away a brilliant idea and make the recipient feel it was his or hers all along. But she's not just about ideas. She's got awe-inspiring powers of execution, and she --somehow--finds a way to persuade even the most insecure that they have those same powers to complete a project, follow a dream, make the impossible possible. She is uncommonly clever, has an appreciation of the highest and lowest art, and is one of the funniest people I have ever known. Her eye is gimlet sharp, and her heart is huge. I can't think of anything she can't do. You should call her. You won't even realize all the ways you needed her until you do, and then you'll wonder how you ever got by without her."

-Cameron Blazer

"Quirkily amazing and really-not-fair-she's-so-talented."

-April Hooper

"I have never seen anybody with as much creative energy and the talent and ability to carry through on any idea that comes to mind. And, the professional excellence to define the art, whatever it is, to its highest level. All aspects of a project are explained beautifully, including the photography and the explanation. Her blog should be used by everyone interested in design, crafts, renovation, painting, etc., etc., etc. And kids. And humor. And so on and on.

-Mary Ann Pollard

*Not one of them is my mother.

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