Aging Gracefully

We built this table about 5 months ago. You can read about it here. We built it out of a picnic table that came with the house. And had been sitting outside for a long time.

I loved the grey patina, but since I wanted a long table, we added some large end pieces that we had laying around. We were waiting for the weather to do it's job and "weather" it. But that didn't work. Five months later and it still looked like this:
I've seen people aging wood on pinterest and stuff, but usually it was for a stand alone piece. This was matching! I wanted it to look the same!
I used the trusty method of soaking steel wool in apple cider vinegar. Not overnight, just for a few minutes. Then I rubbed the steel wool on the wood. Here it is in mid application, just wet:
Close up of the knots, that weren't fond of the stuff:
It took about 15 minutes to dry in the hot sun, and this is what I got:
Perfectly matching grey wood! We were shocked and awed!

I used this tutorial, because she also didn't have time for it to soak overnight...

Now I just need an umbrella to better enjoy my old/new/old table!


Lauryn Clemmer said...

this is fabulous! i love it. thanks for sharing!
{love} lauryn @

Karen at said...

Unbelievable! I didn't know you could do that! It looks great :)

Is said...

Hi Musebootsi! :) Stopping by from I should be mopping link party. That table turned out great!! It matches perfectly!! Thanks for sharing!
I'm your newest follower via Linky followers!
Hugs from Spain

MuseBootsi said...

We were as shocked about the table as anyone! Thanks for following and visiting!

I love Spanish hugs!

Lars said...

This looks great! But I wonder, what kind of wood is it? I wanna do this to spruce, but I'm not getting the color I want. Not getting any color at all, to be honest. Maybe I use the wrong kind of wood.

MuseBootsi said...

I think we just used a ratty piece of wood from the garage, probably pine. and at first nothing happened, it just got wet. Then it dried in the sun and got that creepy aged look...maybe you could try a grey stain on the underside?

Anonymous said...

Do think something like this would work on hard wood floors?

MuseBootsi said...

Yes! I do think it would work! You'll have to test what the polyurethane does over the finish, but it's no different than pickling. Which is done to give wood a white washed look.

Once you add the poly coat to seal the wood, it could darken it a bit and you may lose some of the nuance from the gray. Try it on a scrap though, and let me know!

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

I'm glad my tutorial helped! It looks great!


Anonymous said...

Nice idea but it didn't work for me. Rubbed it on unfinished wooden crates and they turned out reddish with black spots. Very disappointed with results.

Thi Eris said...

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