Interim Living Room

In a fit of pique with a touch of KonMari, I purged my sofa from my home. Threw it right into the street...well, the curb, know...

But that left me without living room seating. So I grabbed two of my outdoor Ikea chairs, with the black and white cushions, dug out the floofy white pillows and et voila!

The rug is actually three runners I bought at Target that I stitched together with my bare hands. It was a cheap solution for me, a human with a dog and a cat and two boys. The day after I placed that rug in the living room and took that photo, my cat delivered a dead bird on the rug and my dog pooped on it. I was never so glad I didn't spend $600 on a new rug in my life.

If you're curious, I bought an upholstery needle set from Amazon as well as some nylon thread. I used a large upholstery needle and just whip stitched it together. The rug lengths were all slightly different so I laid them out and matched up the parts until I thought it looked best.

So this is my living room until I figure out the sofa situation. Wish me luck.

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