Roux McClanahan

That's right. I made homemade mac and cheese for lunch today. From scratch. I'm crazy, no?
I have this thing where I think my kids' lunch needs too be hot. Lots of leftovers and microwave stuff. Oh! and corn dogs and tater tots. I like to believe it's because I spent my formative years in Germany, but it's probably not that.

The boys aren't fond of ham and cheese sandwiches and I get all mental at the thought of finding peanut butter and jelly in my nightstand drawer.

I thought about grilled cheese today, but the bread is too thick for the little one so he'll just take a bite, get only bread and leave it on the table. Then eat loose cheerios off the floor.

So, roux, milk, cheese and pasta. I think they liked it, mostly. The younger judge ate his whole bowl, but the older judge told me, "Too hot!" and left it there. It had cooled for about 30 minutes and was leaning more toward ice cold than too hot. Maybe he didn't want to hurt my feelings. That'll be the day.

The other picture is of the leftover pasta. I read somewhere that you can freeze it in a muffin tin, pop them in a bag and you get portioned pasta that cooks in half the time. Just saute it with a little water and add sauce.

The older judge just informed me he wants a snack. "How about mac and cheese?"
"No! I want snaaaack!"

So much for giving kids a sophisticated palate. I'm pretty sure he's anglin' for cheese puffs. Or "cheese pups."


pandapanda said...

not one of my children like mac and cheese - homemade or fake...

Allie said...

Yum! That mac and cheese looks REALLY good! Also, I love Mickey Mouse! Did your older son not like it? I would have taken his share if that was true and I had met you...