Sister's Are Asking the Universe For Themselves...

Our bathroom is tiny. Like super tiny. Like I have a book called Small Bathrooms and by small they mean 11' x 11'. And our bathroom is 5' x 8'. So. I guess they need a new book called,Ridiculously, Tiny Bathrooms.

But there is hope! This month's, (quarter's?) Do It Yourself magazine featured two bathroom remodels, with of the exact layout of my bathroom. Including the door that opens into your knees while you pee!

I will keep the photos close to my heart and on my vision board.

P.S. I know if I took off my door and had a wide angle lens my picture would match. But who's gonna take off a door?

edited to add: This is our only bathroom with the exception of a room in the basement that has a toilet in the corner. I call it the "newlywed toilet" because it's the one you use at the beginning of a relationship...

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