Boys becoming men, Men becoming wolves...

I was somehow talked into being the party planner for the MOMS Club that I'm involved it (Flattery will get you everywhere). So for the past 3 weeks my brain has been completely busy planning. The budget is tiny, less than a dollar per person, so coming up with ideas that are donateable was the hardest part.

But it all worked out. I had a great group of women to help me plan, and to help me set up and clean up and make it perfect. And if they thought I was nuts, they never said anything.

The cupcake decorating/candy eating table:

The kids are all 4 and under with a few older kids, so the moms helped me think of carnival games for little kids. Like "bobbing for apples" which was just 2 tubs of water, a spoon and some apples and the most popular game that day. Also the lollipop game and a beanbag toss.

I was so worried I'd be busy doing something else when the set-up help came, I drew a sort of map of the tables so anyone could walk in and get to work.

It was a really great time. The kids had so much fun! You really can't go wrong with cupcakes and face painting. And buckets of water.

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Deborah Graff said...

It was a great party--beautiful, fun, age-appropriate, relaxed.

You're kind of a party genius.