Big Plans!

John and I have two garages. One, the original from 1927. It's narrow and can fit one car. One small car. And it has a spot for your oil to drain directly into the soil.

The other garage is from the 60's, I think. It used to have a cantilevered door held in place by two giant springs. One of them popped off, when it was closed, thankfully, and we ended up with a regular roller type. The "big one" as it's called, has a nice cement floor and I think would make a glorious shop for John.

The little one, or "shop" as I call it, because it's a shop, will someday be seduced into becoming a fabulous outdoor dining slash craft slash place to invite my coven for drinks.

Here's what I've been storing away for the day I just start moving everything to the big garage:
I was gonna put a french door on the side, instead of a sliding barn door. But this structure has the same bones as my little guy. You can see the double barn doors on the left of the photograph.
Plywood walls and white ceiling, please!
The Shabby Chic Palace, or The Reason I Wrote This Post. I loved this photo with the vintage pieces and the limed wood walls and the plank floor. John said, "You're turning my outdoor kitchen into a shabby chic palace." Which I am not. It is a Scandinavian Palace. So there.

Here's a plan I threw together to prove to John that I am not usurping his man garden:
To help you get situated, the photo at the top shows the current brown barn doors which face north. To the east is a brick patio. Which will become a Fortress of Manly Cooking and Burning. Right now it is the Resting Place of Old Plastic Toys, so anything is an improvement.

Maybe I have a pic of the whole backyard...maybe...

Nope. Not one that shows both garages. I guess I'll climb on the roof tomorrow so you can see what the heck I'm talking about...
 Two with purple painted palettes and the other with a brick patio. Taken with the miniature effect because I wasn't gonna clean up the backyard in the rain to take a photo.


Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

How will you drain oil directly into the soil after you complete this project?

MuseBootsi said...

I may have to pour some EVOO for my homies.

Deborah Graff said...

When you have your ScandinavianBarnWarming Party we should figure out how to carbonate the EVOO and we can spray it all around like idiots on TV with champagne.

MuseBootsi said...

Carbonated olive oil martini is the new lemon drop.