Afternoon in the Garden of Color and Insanity

This weekend, John built us a raised garden bed for us to plant vegetables. I've selected a sort of salad bar concept for the vegetables, i.e. tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, bell peppers, onions, etc...

But before we could buy the plants, John hopped out of town and there is no way I'm planting anything without a second party present. 

1. Too hot. I need time to see where the sun is over the bed during the day.
2. I have no idea if things should go together or be faaaaar apaaaaart...
3. That's a lot of money to spend without coming out of it with new shoes.

So I ended up buying some thyme (that works on two levels), and some other cool succulents I found. 

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that my garden and backyard are a work in progress and most likely this will always be so. But in vignettes, it's pretty.  So here are a few I noticed today:
This last one is a plant that Beckett selected at the nursery. He just sort of grabbed something and said, "Here, Mom!" But it turns out it's the perfect foil for all the green and bright colors everywhere else.

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Deborah Graff said...

Pretty pretty! I want you to paint more garden statues. Wouldn't you like an orange gnome?