Business in the front, party also in the front.

Hartwell just started kindergarten and I am meeting a ton of new people. Mostly moms who want playdates or just a way to email another mom with a question. Add to that the etsy shop and this lady is in need of some business cards! Although they should be called something else. I like "calling cards," but perhaps, "texting cards" would be more appropriate. 

I've always wanted the ones from Oceans 11 that Danny Ocean carries. They just read,"Danny Ocean." So impractical. And yet...

I looked around etsy and there are so many! Round cards, flower cards and of course cards with birds on them. I couldn't decide and I didn't really want to spend a bunch of money on, like, 50 cards in a design I only kind of  like.

A listing on etsy sent me to, which has some amazing cards and designs. They also print designs you submit. Which inspired me to create that little number. Usually, it's the layout that stops me in my tracks. I can spend hours moving and re-fonting. When really, simple is best. Which is hard for me.

I tried to think of an object that immediately says "vintage" without it being a car or something. And a jar seemed to be the thing. I tried to find a drawing of a jar, but they were so cutesy. So I thought to make my own. Often, when I have something in my head, I can't translate it to paper. Which is to say, I ain't a good drawer. Enter Sketchbook pro for iPad. I just found an image of a jar and traced it on a new layer.  It's slightly more complicated because I was learning as I drew. Which lead to a lot of badness, and not the good kind. But I think it's my new best friend. So, thanks, Lynn!

I also updated my notecards. Here's a pic of the set. It's the best I can do for free, but not too shabby. 
I think a new paper cutter is in order. The edges are a little shaggy. 

Now, I just need friends. Takers?