Circlie Garland: Holiday In

I've had a bunch of felt circles sitting around my house for five years. I remember them being expensive which meant that I was waiting for the perfect craft idea. I couldn't just stick a needle in them! Do you know how much they cost?! So silly.

I originally wanted to blanket stitch around the outside and connect them to make a garland. I think I put that project off because it was a LOT of work.

So I decided to just sew them together.

First I had to figure out what order they were sewn in.
It actually took me a while...Then I got Hartwell to make little piles for me while I sewed them.
The sewing is the easiest part! The machine just sucks the circles under!

Here they are on the tree:
Full tree:
I would've loved a shot of the whole garland when it was finished. But this morning I was awakened by a bouncy four year old who asked, "Can we decorated the tree now?" So as soon as it was finished, it took about 30 minutes, it was wrapped around the tree. And then covered in ornaments.

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Deborah Graff said...

Oh my! It's spectacular!!