That's right! A new header! And it only took a really long time!

Last night I decided to make a new header. And I wanted it embroidered. And a rainbow. I printed out the name and traced it with a disappearing ink marker onto a spare piece of muslin. Then I watched "The Pelican Brief" and stitched it using the split stitch. My favorite stitch because it's very forgiving.

When I was finished, I wet a paper towel and and blotted up the marker. But the towel was too dry to disappear the marker, so I re-wet it with the water I saw in a glass on the side table. Then put it aside to let it dry.

This morning, as I awoke to fighting boys and a hot sun burning through my window, I discovered a weird stain on the muslin. Underneath the embroidery, there was a dark edged water spot. Which is when I realized the "water" I had used had a little bit of tea in it. It was John's melted iced tea water. Because,...of course

Okay, no biggie, I can probably just blur it out. I smoothed the fabric and photographed it anyway. But it was so wrinkly...and yet smooth in the middle where the hoop was. Did I want to iron it? Never! I never iron. So I did the next best thing,...and quite possibly the first best thing. I crumpled it and added a coffee ring.
Which is when "practically imperfect in every way," hit me. Living in a house with boys and dog and mess and chaos, I cannot craft without a piece of all that getting in it. And I should be embracing my wabi-sabi-ness.

I almost went with "practically inperfect in every way," but I wasn't sure if you knew me well enough to know that I know it's "imperfect." (A friend of a friend recently posted to facebook, "Enjoying a candlenight dinner." And not ironically. And as previously mentioned, I never irony).


Sarah said...

I absolutely adore the new header! And am very impressed that you took an accidental stain and ran with it, making it something awesome. I probably would have cried instead. And then laughed. But first cried.

MuseBootsi said...

Thank you so much!

I have no idea why I didn't cry! I cry at episodes of The People's Court...

I did laugh though. Iced tea?! Really?!

I'm so glad it turned into something; it could've totally become one of those craft fails that haunt me...

Becolorful said...

Now see I thought you being intentionally artsy and I loved it. Maybe I love it even more now that I know you are just keeping it real. :D
Thanks for sharing on BeColorful I always love your stuff.