Picture Pages.

I got a new DSLR camera for Christmas this year. Just when I figured out my point and shoot, now I have a whole new bucket of knowledge I need to pour into my brain. And the only way to learn is to take pictures.

We have crazy weather right now in Southern California, so I haven't been out. Today it's raining! Raining! And it's so cold outside we keep expecting snow. 

So I'm stuck inside on a gloomy day in a rather dark house trying to figure out not only a new camera, but photography basics. 
It was really dark when I took the previous two photos, but they turned out ok...

Earlier in the week I tried to force Hartwell to pose for me...but Jessie was on, so I only got a few of these:
...but mostly I got a lot of whining.

Although that was nothing compared to Beckett:
Not a fan of photography.