Also available in white...

My kids were home sick yesterday. I was also somewhat under the weather, but somehow my Nespresso kicked in and I wanted to paint this wall in my kitchen.

I keep seeing Pins of glorious white loft kitchens that are filled with light and that one modern chair and I wish I could have that. But a tiny bungalow in Altadena is the exact opposite. So I just pine and watch old episodes of The Office. And then suddenly hop off my bed and start painting.

Here's the before:
I originally painted the panelling a coral that I thought contrasted nicely with the blue in the rest of the kitchen. And while I love that coral color, it really limits the colors you can put in front of it. Everything has to be white or it kind of disappears.

I think, what this decision boils down to is that now I can buy more stuff from Anthropologie without worrying it's gonna clash. If I'm being honest.

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