The Day of the Bed or Dia de los Duerme

Whilst perusing the images of painted floors on Pinterest, I became enamored with the iron beds I saw. And painted floor + iron bed made my  heart grow three sizes! Especially for my tiny bungalow house!

The above pic stunned me! Tiny room, giant bed; beautiful!

Then there's this one with the clapboard walls (and turquoise!):
What if the bed were painted? Love.
This one is a little bit Spanish and lovely:
Another giant bed in a tiny room...It looks amazing! I could do this!
Another austere example. It looks so clean! 
Sadly, I know my bedroom will never be white, but I can dream...
When all else fails, make your own...this one includes instructions to make your dream bed...
Since my bathroom is done and my kitchen is finished, I now get to focus on my bedroom. Which, according to my design instructor is the first room you should do...

It's easier to write checks and make decisions if you're sitting in your perfectly design bedroom...right?!

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