Plants are on fire!

They say  there's no such thing as a green thumb, just take care of your plants. But I once killed a ponytail palm considered by some to be "the plant for idiots." I live in fairly bright house, when I don't have the curtains closed to save energy, and consider myself intelligent enough to water a plant...And yet...

I've been researching some plants to keep indoors, my boho living room feeling sparse without the plants that dot so many inspiration photos. Fiddle leaf fig? Philodendron?
(fiddle leaf fig)
I'll probably err on the side of cacti, as I have been successful in growing and propagating them in the past. And how lovely is this?
Here are a few more pics that make me happy and have me heading to our local nursery:
An olive tree inside? Never would've thought...

All pics and their sources can be found on my Indoor Plants! Pinterest board.

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