Women be shoppin'.

This is my week where I decided I wouldn't spend money on crap. Sometimes I go to Target in an effort to do anything other than sit at home and watch my kids destroy everything. And then I end up buying totally random things (Do I really need kitchen shears shaped like a bird?) So this week I decided, no spending any money on stuff. Like, we went to Amy's Playground, but I didn't buy the super cute animal flashcards she had for sale there.

I did spend $14 on video tapes at the Salvation Army. I really needed to have a TV that I can watch anything else on, so I put it in my bedroom and my husband is supposed to run the cable up there. In the meantime, I transferred my ancient VCR to my room and found a bunch of old videos in the garage. (The Birdcage, anyone?) But I needed more cartoon-ie stuff, and Hartwell has become obsessed with Thomas. Friday: “Who’s Thomas the Tank Engine?” Saturday: “Mama, watch Thomas? Watch Thomas?” So I went looking for Thomas and The Lion King. I found them along with Rocky and Bullwinkle and The Muppet Show. And at $2 each, I felt really good about myself. Then, I decided to go to the antique Salvation Army. Which is where I found this alligator. I think my face lit up and I may have gasped when I saw it. Turns out it’s an ashtray. There are two little dips for ash with a corrugated middle section to hold the cigarette. I called my husband to see if he thought I was crazy and maybe talk me out of it. His response? “I don’t think kids should have ashtrays until they’re at least 10.”

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