Monday, August 3, 2009

Sew what? I'm still a rock star...

This weekend I decided I wanted a sewing room. We have a weird little room in the basement that used to be the guitar room. It's got paneling, stairs to no where and a toilet. A working toilet. So I cleaned it out, but kept the guitars, and only spent $20 on a rug. (I'm very impressed with myself). For a shelf I used an etagere that came with the house and the table is a table top I found in the garage. I used a weird cement deal that juts out next to the stairs to no where as a base and for the other "leg" a plastic drawer unit. I also carried my drafting table from the garage, down a very narrow flight of stairs and into the tiny room. I missed my table! Perpendicular lines, here I come! I put it next to the toilet hoping to hide it.

I'm very excited about my room. Now I don't have to stress about finding supplies and clearing a space to work. Which was usually on the floor and I usually had to vacuum first. And no one wants to begin a project by vacuuming.


Deborah Graff said...

Also, when you've gotta go, it's so convenient!

pandapanda said...

i got my rock moves and i just need to sew

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