I sleep, you sleep, we all sleep for ice cream!

Sometimes after playgroup even an ice cream sundae can't keep Bee from falling asleep. It's 4:30 and the bowl on the table is full of ice cream.

Under the Cherry Purse

One of my good friends has three girls. Two of the three are pretty close in age to my two. Therefore, we get to go to their birthday parties and I get to make presents. The oldest girl, Maggie, is turning 6 and wants an all girl, super girly party. No boys allowed!

So Maggie sort of gets a bum deal. No cute bag, no sandwich, not even an egg. So I decided to remedy the situation and make her a pretty little thing.

She's super cute and she even chats with me sometimes! I emailed her mom and asked for her favorite color: Red! Second place? Orange! How sophisticated!

I used this tutorial. Which worked okay, but I think it needed more details. Or maybe I'm just not terribly good.

So, Happy almost Birthday, Maggie! Check your porch for details soon!


Clean cup, clean cup, move down, move down.

Bee is very serious about his tea.

We don't need no education...

The only thing they're missing are mortar boards and tassels,...and 15 years...

Strike a Pose

I just love this photo. For some reason, it seems timeless. It also looks a bit like a room of models for a Cookie Magazine shoot.

Oh I know your back hurts from working on the tractor...

They are putting in a new water pipe on our street. So these little numbers are parked out front all day. Which means I need to lock the children in. Because otherwise, they will escape and try to drive them. Naked.