Campin', campin'...campin' machine.

Where you been? Camping! We spent a week in Carpinteria right on the beach. Our tent was in sand! Or sandy dirt. Still,...good times.

This is a photo of the tent instructions. Turns out that before we got our roof fixed, it leaked into the tent. So we had to google our instructions in order to set it up. Googling while camping is awesome!
The beach was separated from the camp ground by a sand dune. Here's a view from the top:
John setting up the tent:
Bee setting up the tent:
Bee checking out the campsite:
Treasure Hunting!
It's a little confusing when you face the ocean and south. It's supposed to be west!

The next morning we woke up to find that critters had eaten 13 of our eggs! They were also fond of avocados.

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