Ode to a Beloved Camera

My camera finally broke. My beloved camera. I think it was 3 years old? John just came home from work and gave it to me. They use cameras at work a lot, (duh, Courtney he works on a tv show) and he was using his Eric's camera, liked it and bought one for me. For such a small, inexpensive camera, the photos were amazing.

I needed a new blog entry and just had my date with Deborah to Anthropologie where I bought some new knobs for the bathroom. She told me to do a post just about the knobs, because, though it might seem easy, there was a lot of talking to get the right knobs. And Deborah makes a good faux cabinet.

Digression...anycrap, I turned on my camera and nothin'. It just did nothin'. So I uploaded the last of the photos on my card and found the possible culprits. There were about 15 that I did not take, including a group of random shots of the living room, from around 42", a few shots of whatever was on TV, two blurry shots of Bee and one shot of Hartwell's penis. That makes at least four Hartwell penis photos on my camera, including a short film he once made. Very cinema verite.

Of course, now I have a list of things to photograph including the knobs and my backyard wildflowers. (And I don't know how I'm gonna break the news to Hartwell). Plus! Next week we're going camping.

The new camera is supposed to arrive by Friday. The only way I could manage to NOT pay 10% sales tax was online. I got the same thing but better. I really wanted one of those fancy cameras all the mommy bloggers have, but I decided that I don't want to lug around a giant camera with a special case. I'd rather have a small camera that fits in my purse and has the same buttons and battery as my last awesome camera. Plus? It's orange. Orange.


Laura said...

I am sorry for your loss. RIP Camera. The Camera is dead. Long live the Camera. (And may your new camera have a slightly less hilarious demise.)

Deborah Graff said...


MuseBootsi said...

Did Ms. Graff add an exclamation point?!

A. Novak said...

I have an orange camera! it rocks! it is drop proof till 5 feet and water proof! A must on my list!

MuseBootsi said...

They should market "kid-proof" cameras for adults. There would be a line out the door.