Huh? Get a job? What for? I'm tryin' to think...

We're right in the thick of it right now. Not much time to type. But this awesome knot hole had to be posted. It was full of white plaster which I scraped out. Then my dad cut a filler "knot" and sawed out a bit more so the piece could fit. Then he drilled through the whole floor. And we had to go to the basement to put a piece in underneath, which we could then fill to look like a floor. The hole is right on the threshold which makes me want to do something to it.

Enter my sister-in-law. Lynn! Come paint an eyeball on it! That would be so awesome!
More pics:
My mom yanking out a board:
The new/old floor, sanded once. Waiting for 2 more grits:
We should be done with the floor Sunday night. The waiting between sandings is a bitch.

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pandapanda said...

an eyeball would be awesome!
or make it look like a quarter and see how many of your guests try to pick it up