Past kitchen is here to kill future kitchen.

I've stopped my demo efforts for a bit and started messing around with IKEA's kitchen planner. So I'm cheating on past kitchen with future kitchen. It's too much fun. And also quite time consuming. I have a degree in all this and it's still difficult for me to do. I think this is version nine or something? As in completely different designs, not like a tweak and then it's new.

I have a lot of storage to squeeze in and the original kitchen measurements are not normal. (Overall it's 8'x20') Most countertops are 24" deep. Mine form an "L" shape and are 18" and 20". And now I'm adding two 24" countertops across from each other. Which leaves 4' in the middle. And according to IKEA, not quite enough space to open an oven and the cabinet across the way.

As I started to get in over my head with cabinetry and countertops, I forgot that I can also design the space. Not just try to cram cabinets in symmetrically.  Seems sort of obvious, but at some point you start thinking, "I need something for that space," and instead of starting over, you cram.

Plus? Plus! I'm doing it in stages. First, we're taking out that wall and adding some additional counter space and later we're going to knock down the rest. We needed a quick fix and I came up with something that will work for now. New floors, (less gross chemicals), new walls (cottage paneling), new stove, new storage.

My husband is taking the boys away for the weekend so my parents and I can redo the floors. I think he knows I like this stuff, so he's just staying out of my way and letting me do what I want. As he should.

Here's a link to my inspiration for the latest redesign. I didn't want to ask to borrow the photo and I didn't want it near my IKEA redesign plan. It's too perfect. And my design lacks stuff.

Aack! I figured out how to show you the 3D version:

You can see a shadow of the entry from the living room. To the left of the stove on the 4th wall. (My degrees collide!) Thereby seeing why I put the pretty where I did. By pretty I mean open shelving. I have some awesome stuff for that.


Cameron Blazer said...

4th wall! Bwahahahahaha!

Laura said...

I hate to ask a lame question, but is your sink under the window directly in front of the stove? (If not, where is it?) Also, are you married to the idea of a desk? Mine just collects junk. Would cupboards under the window give you more space and possibly a bench seat? Or a display area? Other than it!

MuseBootsi said...

The gas and the vent/hole in the ceiling dictate where I can put the stove. And the water pipes directly across tell me where to put my sink. Which is where it's always been. No chance of moving that stuff. And the desk is more like a place for john to sit and drink coffee internet in the morning before work. The bills and stuff will be in the basement. Cabinets would be awesome, but IKEA doesn't make any short cabinets. They are all counter height. And in my price range. I do admit that the window with pantry cabinets needs work. John asked me where the pantry food will go and so I put in two glass cabinets. That window is a pisser. Making a 1920's kitchen into a 2010's kitchen is hard work.