Beachy Keen?

My tiny California Bungalow needs some fresh make-up. I had like a million ideas. I had an epiphany a few weeks ago where I thought "I can keep the house navajo white and just repaint the trim!" Then it won't seem like a crazy project that never gets done. I can work on one window at a time and move as slow as I want.

Sunday I was in my local hardware store, where I learned they can make ANY color of paint I want from any company, and I saw a color card. It featured a creamy white with a sage-ie green and a taupe. It reminded me of my beach phase when I wanted the house to look like a beach bungalow, except with forestier colors.

Before we had a reddish brown on the trim and windows that drove me bananas. And here's what I did today. Spruce and Taupe. It took FOR-ever!
Subtle. Blend-ie. Kind of totally unlike me. But I really like it.