Bunk Bed Puppet Theater!

John took the boys to visit a high school friend a few weeks ago. The best part of the visit for the boys was the amazing puppet theater they had. It was a stand-alone wooden situation with curtains and fanciness. They also had a microphone and speaker hooked up so the kids really felt like they were doing something special.

There is no way we could have a giant puppet theater in our tiny house, but we could have something like this awesome Doorway Puppet Theater. So I made a bunk bed puppet theater!
It was a crazy pain in the ass. Mostly because it was so big. I used a folded over piece of heavy duty muslin and added ribbons to tie it.
 My solution for the center was to sew two parallel lines and cut between them. I might go back and pink the seams. We'll see how "Breakwell & Wreckett" treat it for now...
They've already made me laugh. So I guess the pain is worth it.


MoMo said...

The Scrabeck bunk bed theatre is brilliant. Any way to either manufacture them (maybe even small scale Etsy?)or sell the design? I'm so impressed. The actors are adorable, beautifully cast, but the script could use some help.
Love it!

Deborah Graff said...

Another win for Courtney! You're winning!! All The Time!