Country Chicken, City Chicken

This delightful chicken came to me via Cost Plus World Market. I didn't mean to buy it. But my sweet Hartwell brought it to me, before he knew how to read, and said, "Mom, this says, 'open' and 'closed.'" Well, yes it does! So in a fit of pride that my son was learning to read, I bought the silly chicken.

It hangs in front of my lovely pink cabinets and whenever I want to photograph my kitchen for the blog, I have to remember to remove it. Otherwise it's a bright red scourge on my otherwise pretty picture.

But how to fix it? Or do I even bother?

Then I saw this Alpine Cutie at Beaux R'eves!
And after:
She's a genius! She just painted color over the red parts with a new color! Brilliant!

So I busted out my tiny can of paint:
And the offending chicken:
And I painted it:
Much better! I used a black sharpie to write "Kitchen is," and I kind of wish I had a nice thin paint pen instead. But who wants to run out and buy something in the middle of a project? And it could use a little blending at the edges, but it's no longer the bright red country eyesore it once was.

Also? My kitchen has been closed for a while now. It's a very convenient sign...


Cindy said...

Oh it's adorable! I love that you bought it because your son read it to you! I have a lot of things that end up in my basket when I take my daughter shopping...but she is 15!
XO Cindy

pandapanda said...

Love it - I should do that to some things!

Inspired By Felicity said...

Are the 2 little pigs salt & pepper shakers?


MuseBootsi said...

The pigs are egg cups! My boys each picked a pink pig to hold their soft boiled eggs!

Becolorful said...

A blue chicken? Brilliant idea. Isn't it fun where our inspirations come from sometimes? I had to laugh when I read that you move her for blog photos. Glad to know I am not alone out here doing much the same thing. :D
Thanks for sharing on BeColorful

Inspired By Felicity said...

Oh, I never would have thought of them being egg cups.

I was just looking at your Etsy shop (I'm kind of addicted to vintage dishes) and saw you have a vintage blue heaven plate listed, I have a couple of those that I inherited from my Great-grandmother and I just finished putting one out on my table as part of my new centerpiece with a bunch of different colored candlestick holders on it and it looks pretty cool.