Oiling the Plank

This is what our counter has looked like for the past week. Not only because I managed to get myself an ear infection, (what the what?!), but because they don't sell any type of proper wood finishing oil in the state of California.

On Monday, I dragged my unbalanced self to the nearby Rockler to procure Liberon Finishing Oil, the perfect oil for finishing wood counter top that will be installed around a sink. And was informed that they no longer carry it. And the website won't ship it to California. The VOC level is too high. Which is annoying, because when dry, it's food safe!

So, I spent a day trying to find an alternative and then sort of lucked into getting it. Magically. From the universe. Unfortunately, it won't be here until Wednesday. And it's supposed to rain all weekend.

So we've had this kitchen for a week and a half.
No counters, messy kitchen, sink full of dishes. The towel is protecting the wall from water.

I'd been in bed all week ignoring the intense ear pain, until it got so bad I walked into a doctors' office next to the ghetto Rite Aid and said, "I have insurance can someone look at my ear?!"

She took a look and then made a pity face at me. And then hugged me. She gave me a prescription and I filled myself with advil. And I finally feel a little better. Oh,  I had an iced coffee this morning.

I'm still walking like I'm aboard a boat, but I actually feel like eating again. Baked potato, anyone?!

Speaking of boat, here's the counter top waiting to be oiled:
John did a great job cutting it. Especially considering that nothing in our kitchen is plumb, or square or level...


Mrs. H said...

That really stinks about the oil! I know your kitchen will be beautiful when it's finished! I hope your ear feels better soon!

Becky said...

The ear pain Sucks! Hope it is better soon. The countertop is going to look great! I can't wait to see everything done.

Gabby said...

That works is going to pay off! I already adore your kitchen. I also chose you for a Liebster Award:


Hope you get to feeling better!