How to Make Mediocre Art

Upon realizing I inadvertently created something with little to no practical purpose, I went in search of the reason...

1. Be inspired.
2. Have scathingly brilliant idea.
3. Work out how to successfully implement idea.

4. Have obsession with buying supplies.
5. Spend three days working on crazy idea.
6. Be excited about completing something, for once.

7. Post in various places online.

8. Wait for delighted response.

9. (cricket, cricket)

10.. Realize that you have somehow created something that is both perfectly high and low art...simultaneously. 

11. Realize also that you straddle high and low art, e.g. foie gras and easy cheese, Honey Boo Boo and BBC's Sherlock,  Cher and...Cher.

12. Start all over again.

1. Be inspired.


MadAnne said...

A post I can relate to.

Paula said...

I can relate to the "cricket, cricket". Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone out there besides the 3 or 4 loyal commenters that I have...

MuseBootsi said...

And you just never know what's gonna take off...