Photodyssey: Sepia and Zipline

It finally stopped raining in Altadena and I could finally go outside and take some photos/mess around with my camera. Very exciting! And then John goes and surprises me, literally, with a mini trip to Solvang, a tiny Danish-esque village on the Central Coast.

Our first stop, was a park near the Ventura Marina that beheld a zipline! We packed a picnic lunch and while we ate, Hartwell explained his many plans for the zipline. He was pretty sure there was no height requirement and was positive it was free.
He's six going on fourteen.
Beckett with his self-inflicted haircut.

And...zipline! What's better than a seaside zipline?!
We spent a couple hours at the park, Hartwell zipping, John and Beckett exploring. Then back in the car. Where I messed with my camera some more.

Sepia? Yes, please.
They just wanted to get to the hotel. They LOVE a hotel.
They didn't want to leave the tiny room with the bad art. But I promised Aebelskiver.
Everybody loves Aebelskiver.

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