Rose Parade 2013!

Definitely one of the best parts about living in Pasadena is going to the Tournament of Roses Parade. We used to just wing it, but I have a friend whose family sets up chairs every year. Some of the cousins spend the night and save the seats 'til the next morning.

The street is completely blocked off and you can see all the empty chairs that get set up along the parade route. That's me texting my friend to make sure we were in the right spot. For Californians, we did pretty good in the warmth department!
After we found our seats, Hartwell bought blue cotton candy for himself and his brother.
We still had about an hour until the parade started. Hartwell was bored. Even with his DS!
Until my friends broke out the jump rope and the kids got crazy! A family across the street cheered for all the jump ropers. Pretty sure it made Hartwell's day!
Beckett found a friend. They were pretty hilarious together.
Finally, the parade!
John and I were looking forward to seeing the La Canada float. We were in La Canada, at the Sprouts, trying to buy split peas for our leftover ham bone. We went to the bulk bins and the split peas were gone! I asked the Sprouts lady where I could find them and she said, "Are you with the La Canada rose parade people?"
 Turns out they requested 25 pounds! of split peas for their float! We found a few small bags in another section, the last of the split peas. But now we had to see the float.
See all that green?! No soup for you!

And finally, Hartwell's favorite float. The Disney's California Adventure float!
When the parade is over, all the tow trucks who were on call for the floats drive the route honking loudly. Followed by "The End is Near" sign holders. And this year, followed by the Occupy Wall Street people. Who didn't use ANY flowers to decorate their non-float. And seemed pretty depressed.

 I think flowers would've helped.

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