The Great Pink Lady Apple Debacle


I purchased your delightful beverage from The Market on Holly in Pasadena, CA on June 6th. I bought it for two reasons: 1. I'm on antibiotics and needed the boost and 2. my super sassy friend had me try the ginger lemon and it was delicious.

I left the cold bottle in my car for an hour, while I got my therapy on, which might not be the best idea, but it was overcast and June-gloomie and the temperature was around 65 so I thought it would be okay.

On my drive to work, I take the 2 and it's always backed up, I thought to open the beverage and have a sip as I listened to my favorite morning show and dodged the cheaters who think they can just get over at the last minute instead of waiting back there like everyone else. But the bubbly probiotic tea had other ideas. She exploded like a diet coke full of mentos all over me as I was driving. And it was a bummer because the slightly fermented smell had me worried that I now smelled like the floor of a dive bar. (Which I am not entirely against! Especially if said smell leads to my guts being full of happy bacteria!) But now I had to go into work late, (traffic!) and smelling ever so slightly like hard cider, (Pink Lady Apple!).

Luckily, I am reminiscent of Amelia Bedelia and people don't even blink when I tell them a story like this. (You should hear the one about me trying to fix my toilet which led to me using the neighbor's bathroom for a few days!)

So, anyway, I got to work and I finished my beverage. It was delicious and I am grateful for your product. There's only so much yogurt a girl can eat! We can't all be Jamie Lee Curtis! I just thought to tell you in case the exploding is not normal and you wanted to check it out.

Thank you so much!


Hi Courtney!

Your email has been the most entertaining thing that has come across my inbox in a long while! ;)  However, I'm so sorry that you have encountered this explosion especially in LA traffic.  Sounds harrowing... the 'explosiveness' is due to the reaction of the natural fruit sugars that interact with the yeast found in our raw(unpasteurized) kombucha.  This interaction is particularly activated in a heated environment or changes in temperature. So when it was left in your became extra reactive and decided to explode on you.   Although extremely unpleasant, it is not abnormal.  Thank you for letting us know and please keep sending feedback on the product! And a big THANK YOU for supporting a local brand committed to making a premium kombucha the old-fashioned way with top quality ingredients.

If you ever need anything please email or call us at (424) 888-3054.


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