Pickling things

Pizza night has become an event at our house. John and I work all morning chopping and making ingredients for the pizzas. Last pizza night we made an elote pizza. Corn and goat cheese and soyrizo and sweet peppers and cilantro. It was delicious. But a little too creamy.

I was flipping through a Mexican cookbook and saw a recipe for pickled red onions and I knew that was what was missing! It needed acid with the creamy and a little more spice.

It's a gorgeous recipe using a citrus juice /vinegar mix. And the ingredients are so pretty!

Here's a link to Pati's Pickled Red Onions a la Yucateca.

I used the same pickled solution but swapped the onions for jalapenos, omitting the guero pepper. Also delicious!

It's our new favorite ingredient. I threw some of the onions in a grilled cheese and it was so perfectly delicious. I also had some on a slice of grilled haloumi cheese and baguette. Clearly I have a thing for cheese...

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