Eats Shoots and Leaves

My sewing machine is fixed! With a warranty that will allow me to break it for two years and get it fixed for free! I can totally do that.
I made a bag for a friend and had this one next in line when the timing on the machine went bananas.
I was really excited about this one, too! The embroidery is from a pillow case my grandma left me when she passed away. And I found the rosey fabric to match. And to balance the shabby chic: green zebra.
It's for my sister. A girly girl who could use some extra girly in her life right now.
Hope you like it, panna panna!

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Deborah Graff said...

Um. I'm just saying. Like, if you REALLY have a mom crush on me, why aren't you making me stuff and giving me presents? Just wondering.