Mmmmm, tastes like acrylic.

I was looking for play food for the boys and realized a few things. The plastic stuff is ugly, with bad colors, the wooden stuff is awesome but leaves a mark and the felt food is expensive. Unless you make it yourself. I found some nice sets, a lot of them were gender specific, heavy on the bow and what not, and they cost more than I was willing to pay for food that will probably end up in the dirt. So, I bought a ton of play felt for $6 and went to work.
I think it turned out okay, except that there weren't enough colors to get a noticeable difference between the whole wheat bread and the peanut butter. I was hoping for a folk art yellow, but only found glitter felt.
I took these pictures right before handing them over to the boys. My three days of research, pattern design and construction needed to be recorded before the inevitable.
It took about five minutes before I found one of the eggs in the dog water.


rdsathene said...

Some prefer their eggs with dogwater.

Crunchy Crafts said...

Nice work. I made tons of felt food for my kids for christmas cant wait to give it to them!

floresita said...

These are adorable!!!! Thanks for taking part in the Feeling Stitchy Comment Expedition, and have a wonderful holiday!