Rendezvous and I'm Through with Shoes

Now that I can sew whatever I want and run my machine into the ground I thought I'd try shoes. Or slippers. Martha Stewart slippers. I started with a pair for myself and made every mistake possible. First, I was using felted sweaters I bought from thrift stores which have more stretch than felt. (The sole is a wool jacket with hardly any stretch). So the pattern for size 8-1/2 was a bit too big. I tried to adjust them and ended up with slippers that aren't exactly the same shape. At least the stripes matched.
I tried again. This time I used a smaller pattern and it seemed to have worked. I just have to wait for my husband to come home and try them on.
Also the pattern is supposed to have the seams facing out. And usually I like a more modern look, but I think they look better inside out.
I wish I had something funny to say. But I hurt my butt. And apparently that's where I store my comedy. Let's just say I'm very funny.

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