I Look Up to the Little Bird...

I've been working furiously, between learning every solitaire game on my ipod, to finish this Christmas gift for my friend. I second guessed myself through every step in the process. And I had never attempted a zipper installation of this sort before. Zippers are a fickle mistress. 
But I forced myself to cut out the wool/angora felt, then a few days later I decided what the backing would be. Which was a brown pinstripe italian wool suit, pocket included. And so on...
And so it only took a month and a half to finish my first couture pillow.

It began while visiting the zoo. My friend and I were looking at a bird and she remarked, "I would love to have a living room in those colors." Well. My mind picked that information up, and filed under "Eventual Gift." Then I stared at that bird, a superb starling,  until his colors were burned into my mind. Like a peacock but with more brown and black.

After I finally came up with the idea, a pillow, then I had to figure out what to put on the pillow. And once I figured that out, how does it go on the pillow. So I created a layout with coins. And printed it out to use as a guide.

Anyway, after all of this, I gave it to her. And she said, "You called my bluff." Because, we decided, what looks amazing in your head is a little intimidating in your living room. 
The pillow is simply inspiration to guide her toward that living room. We all need something a little glamourous(?) especially when our living room is full of toys. Loud plastic toys. With tinny songs and flashing lights. Good luck, Autumn!

P.S. She liked it. I think it was the sudden realization of the task of painting her living room. Something she had pushed to the back of her mind due to her new baby. And now, I accidentally got her thinking about it. Merry Christmas!


Cameron Blazer said...

Ok. I just came back to look at this after a few days, and I love it even more. Couture! Pillow! It's fashion you can enjoy even after a pint of ice cream! Love it.

Deborah Graff said...

Brilliant. And I think Autumn shouldn't let herself feel intimidated. Pick one more thing to do to the living room, then one thing after that, etc. Take it slow.