White Horse and a Cherry Tree...

Sometimes, I have no clue what to do all day. This usually means a visit to the mall and their free play area. Or more recently, the thrift store. This last time, I was looking for sweaters, which were on sale for $3, and found this painting. I'm trying to start a mini collection of found paintings. Some framed and some unframed. But interesting. (I also found a personalized ashtray from Las Vegas that read, "Jesus' Butts." Banner day).

I picked up the little guy and carried him around trying to decide whether or not to spend $30. Meanwhile, my two year old situated himself at the mini drum set at the front of the store. So I just had to listen to his whereabouts. I finally called my sister and made her look up the artist and gallery. As she's typing and reading me google pages, I hear, over the intercom, Could the boy playing the drums please be quieter?" And then silence. And then, "Now it's too quiet."
My sister cracked up. She knew that the intercom was definitely for me. Even though she couldn't hear the words. 

I went to find Hartwell, he was a little deflated, head in hands, so I bought him The Brave Little Toaster video. As I walked up to pay, the intercom rang out, "Purple tags are half off today." (Very busy intercom day at the Goodwill). I flipped my painting over and purple tag! So $15.

The cashier apologized to me as she rang up the purchases. She told me it was her on the intercom and she doesn't have kids and therefore has no state of the art noise canceling device in her head. I told her that I didn't even notice, I just thought, "Well, Hartwell found the drums." I think she felt bad. Which is good. It's not a library. But, you know, drums aren't the friendliest instrument, so I understand the reaction. 

So, what do you think? Drums for Hartwell's 3rd birthday?

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