I love it in my room at night...

I recently asked the universe for a trundle bed and the universe cannot deny me anything so, voila, trundle bed. But it's ginormous and we already had more furniture in that room than an Ethan Allen, so I had to rearrange. And make pretty. So here's the boys newly decorated room. With plenty of space for "so many activities."
Previously, when we still needed a crib and a toddler bed:
(Sigh). The days before BeeBee. When one child seemed like a handful and you could walk through the room without stepping on a tiny, tiny car.
Not a toy in sight.
I was feeling retro-modern. They've since been painted over, but still spell Hartwell.
Baby Hartwell in his crib. Yes, I purposely dressed him in orange. 
The best bookshelf ever. Got it at a yard sale and painted it to match. It's my favorite thing.
Man, I miss that room. The only thing better would be if this were my room and all the boys slept with their dad.
Universe? I'm looking in your direction.


pandapanda said...

i saw some orange and blue car sheets at target from dwell and thought you might like them... there like $13 -

Cameron Blazer said...

want. that. bookshelf.

you always amaze me with your painting prowess--every room in our house is the same weird whitish-greenish-yellowish-cream that it was when we moved in. pathetic.

also? two kids? as you know, i bow to you.