Lady Marmabug

Not being natural gardeners, John and I are amazed at this squash plant that grew out of our "compost." It's like a fake compost because we built the circle to house an olive tree and have been composting in the circle to get the soil all ready. We've already grown a bunch of potatoes, same reason, and now then giantest squash plant in all the land.

While I was trying to capture its hugeness, I noticed bugs crawling all over it. Like a whole world living in my squash plant. Ladybugs and bees were working. I think it needs it's own reality show.


Cameron Blazer said...

That is flat, freakin' awesome.

I left a pumpkin out all winter--it was unusually dry here, so it just sat there being fine, and then all the sudden when it got hot and wet, it turned to a stinking, fetid mess in the space of 2 days. And before I got off my butt to clean it up...BAM. Pumpkin patch. Craziness.

MuseBootsi said...

I wish they were pumpkins! I think I'm gonna try your version of gardening this year. God knows if I actually plant them, they'll die.
We're hoping they're butternut squash. But we can't tell yet.