Cut the Cord

We finally gave up cable. Not television. But cable. It's probably television, too, since we need to buy an antenna to get network tv. Which we have yet to do. But we canceled cable, canceled our landline, and increased our internet speed.

If you're wondering what we sit around and stare at, it's still tv We just bought a tivo, which gives us Netflix access (and blockbuster and amazon) and can, eventually, talk to our antenna. Then, in my bedroom, we have a VCR. And I just buy new/old movies at the thrift store for $1, and donate back the ones the kids no longer want to watch.

Our initial investment, so far about $560*, will be paid back after 5 months of not paying for cable and home phone. And eventually I'd like a wifi bluray player for the bedroom so we can watch the dvds from netflix and also access the instant queue.

Today was the first day with just Netflix instant viewing for entertainment. Before, I put it on Nick, Jr. for the boys and sit in my room and watch Regis and Kelly, Will & Grace, The People's Court, Martha, Oprah, Ellen and The People's Court again. Then John comes home. (I do other things. Obviously. I just like the background noise. Geez).

The boys were excited to get to watch Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. Twice. And then I returned some movies to the library and got them a couple more.

Hartwell and Beckett played together a lot today. With a little less fighting. I'm hoping that's the norm and not the exception. It made me realize I need a few more things for them to do. They love to put together the train set, until they don't. I think I need something like that, no little pieces, but building or something. Maybe like a car race track? I don't know.

I'll keep you posted about our cablelessness. Although we're not exactly groundbreaking, it seems that way for us. I think John actually watches more tv now because he can add what he wants and watch it after dinner. Because I'm not sitting there knitting and yelling the questions at Alex.

*tivo, cell phone tower, tivo subscription for 1 year, (we plan to pay it off so we don't have the bill), and network switch.

If you want to know how to do it or how to figure out antennas, I'm full of knowledge.

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Deborah Graff said...

Have the legos taken hold at all? Ours are out right now and Jane will play with them quietly for a long time. She's always building "stairs" no matter what it actually looks like.

Also, maybe we should start some sort of toy swapping system.