It's called a bathroom floor, and here's what it's for...

Previously on Bathroom Nightmares: I discovered this beautiful floor under five layers of linoleum/vinyl. I felt like an archaeologist! Upon the advice of my neighbor, we used lacquer thinner to wipe up the nasty black stuff. And SURPRISE! A near perfect hex tile floor.There's one missing tile right next to the toilet, you can see it in the photo, but otherwise, it's completely intact!

There are some slight issues, but for an eighty three year old floor, she's lookin' pretty good. Some of the tiles had some chips in them before they black-stuffed it so the black stuff settled into the cracks. My amazing neighbor, happier than I was about my discovery, offered to come over and help me dig out the cracks.

There's still a ton to do. We took out that nasty vanity which will be replaced by a pedestal sink my boys bought me for mother's day.
I have to seal the baseboards I bought, gorgeous yellow pine, sand and prime that wall, and paint the wall Silver Spoon gray.
And since I only bleached the perimeter of the floor in preparation for the baseboards, I still have to bleach the rest of it. I used comet and a sanding sponge to get all the dirt/black haze up. You can see the edge of the tile is much whiter than the rest of the floor.

I'm pretty sure my lack of cable will benefit my life more than I thought. I would've never torn up my floor if The People's Court was on.

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pandapanda said...

ahh... yes... I have been missing my people's court analysis
Love the floor, so glad you found it!