A place for towels and every towel in its place.

We went to Ikea (Hartwell: It's my favorite secret place!) yesterday to get a few things to finish the bathroom. Did you know some places sell towel bars for $150?! That seemed absolutely insane to me. So I found a bunch at Ikea and brought John along, cause I always need a design wing man. (Miss you, Angela!) He immediately went for the wood, and I had been thinking of chrome.

This little pine number seems unlikely, which is sort of the design thesis for my house. (Linen closet as entertainment center? Gorm shelving for a dresser? Hall closet as refrigerator spot?) I think the yellow wood looks gorgeous with the gray walls, and the towels add a bit of color. The boys have green stripes like dragons!

The bathroom is already starting to look too full. And I still want to add a few more object de arte. Is that a words?

I also want to get some knobs for the cabinets. Deborah? When are you free for Anthropologie?

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Deborah Graff said...

I am ALWAYS ready to go to Anthropologie. If we go to the one in Glendale we can ride the trolley too.